EDC How it all began for me.

The beginning

EDC for me started with knives. Ever since I can remember, I have had a fascination with knives. As a youngster, I was drawn to the key ring section of souvenir shops on family holiday, in the hope that I’d be allowed a novelty knife key ring. For the most part, this worked. I can remember a couple I had through the years, one was a pistol shape which had a folding knife. I felt like a king. Of course, I was never allowed to take them out of the house because of laws and the sort. One year, my father let me have one of his old work utility blades. I couldn’t really open it and I’m fairly certain the blade was removed. My parents were not responsible enough to give me a utility blade to play with. That is a recipe for disaster, as you will soon find out.

One Christmas, Santa had brought me a hot wheels toy. My parents had gone back to bed, I presume for a nap because they were tired after a late night of wrapping presents and what not. I can’t think of any other reason…. But I wanted to play with the hot wheels, but they were well and truly secured to the box so I grabbed my utility knife, but having no blade, I couldn’t open the toy. So I grabbed my fathers. It was sharp and I was immature. It sliced straight through the packaging, freeing my hot wheel. The downside was that it also sliced straight through the top of my thumb. Ouch. I wasn’t allowed to play with knives after that. But it didn’t stop my fascination with them.

What happened Next?

Growing up in the UK, everyone tells you knives are bad. So, in my mind, knives were bad. I must be the only person who likes knives. On a snowboarding school trip I bought myself a Bowie knife because it had a hollowed handle with a wire saw and matches in. I felt like Rambo. I hid it in my room for years. Along with some other knives I had picked up.

Years went by and I stumbled upon a knife build on Reddit. Wow, I thought. People make their own knives. This was the tipping point. I was about to fall into a rabbit hole and I couldn’t see the bottom. Then I did some research, I CAN own knives, I CAN carry knives. But responsibly. Well I am older now and I am responsible. I researched more. I discovered knife brands that I had no idea existed. A whole new world was opening up in front of me. I did the maths and I could justify buying a knife. I chose a Byrd Tern. it was around £40 at the time. The same as a PS4 game. Or slightly less than a weeks shopping for my wife and I. So I did it.

The start of EDC

Instagram has long been my social media of choice. It doesn’t suffer the same dramas as Facebook, and twitter is just bad. I shared a few pics, hash tagging away. I stumbled on an EDC tag. Whats this then? Back to the research.  Everyday Carry. Well hot dang, I do that. I usually carry a pen. A bottle opener. A knife now. Maybe this is me? It was me. Not only had I discovered a whole new side of me, but I had found a community of people who had the same interests. People who understood that its not weird to be fascinated with knives. I was home.

The rest, as they say, is history. I met some good friends. Acquired some awesome gear. Gained new hobbies. All from liking knives as a child. Who knew.

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