Knives UK 2019

So, if you’ve not been under a rock and you’re aware of what goes on in the EDC world in general, you’ll know that in the US, there are massive knife shows, gun shows and other shows that encompass the hobby/lifestyle that is Every Day Carry.

Blade 2019

Blade, in Atlanta, is probably the largest or most well know event as it boast to be the worlds largest knife show, which it would be hard to argue against. Blade attracts some of the worlds heaviest hitters in the custom knife game and it also brings with it a whole plethora of EDC makers; you name an EDC product and there will be a maker of it there. Blade 2019, of course, was this weekend just gone, the 7th to the 9th of June and it was expected that anywhere up to 50’000 visitors would have attended to see the five hundred plus exhibitors.

Knives UK 2019

The choices that we have here in the UK are somewhat limited, the Bushcraft Show and a few shooting shows are about all we have really…. that is until a 2006 when Knives UK held their first show and it has gone from strength to strength ever since. The Knives UK show is the largest knife show in the UK, that large, it has had to move venues to accommodate the exhibitors as well as the visitors.

It is a place for some of the country’s top knife makers along with some international guests to share their high quality custom blades and showcase their wares with the public.

It is an opportunity for people to meet the makers, hear the stories behind the blades on show, where the process of making the knives can be discussed and appreciated as well as being able to see the final results.

Who is the the show aimed at, well, pretty much anyone that is in to the outdoors, collectors, enthusiasts, professionals, and, well, us!

Yes, you read right… US!

We were contacted by the organisers a while back who enquired if we would be interested to have a table at the show and we, of course, jumped at the opportunity. The few hundred mile round trip that some of the founders will eat up just to attend the show is nothing at all if it means we get to meet and great some of the wonderful cooperators and spread the good word of the EDC Cooperative to those that have never heard of us, of course, whilst getting to meet some of our favourite makers.

Don’t worry, I can hear you asking.

What are the hell are you going to be doing there?

Well, we will have some of our very own favourite pocket dumps on show, we will have a selection of merchandise and there will be some fun games to play (with token prizes of course).

There’s a rumour going round – a vicious one – but it is still there – there may also be brews and biscuits available to members of the Facebook/Instagram community if you come and say “Hi” at the Coop Brew Booth.

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