KnivesUK show review 2019

Waking up in an old 15th century manor house in the stunning Gloustershire countryside we knew it was going to be a great day, noticing it was only 3am clearly the excitement had crept in to soon. The EDCcooperative was going to have its first show table at an event and it was going to be great.

With everything packed ready and having enjoyed a strong espresso we bravely made our way to the small village of Thornbury and meeting up with other team members we were ready. Wearing new matching t-shirts and super cool name cards on lanyards we started to set up our table. A gasp with the amount we had brought, we carefully set about drinking coffee and eating sausage and bacon sandwiches, this followed by a lot of chatting and walking about looking at the other exhibitors setting up.

The team soon had our table ready and looking fabulous and surprisingly professional, some may say we even knew what we were doing. By this time we were just excited to get the day going and the time was now on count down for 10am. 5 minutes to go and everything was set, we stood there poised and to be honest impressed at seeing all the items and collaborations we had been involved with over the last two years.

With special edition Victorinox alox cadets, Leathermans, Griffin Pocket tools and knife collaborations with Vitesse and the legendary knife maker Michael Morris. The EDCcooperative had been lucky enough to become friends with Michael and having the opportunity to meet him at the show and talk over what we had done and what we could and would like to do next (no spoilers yet) this only made us more excited about being able to show another audience who we are as a group.

10am came and the crowds started flooding through the doors, a mass of interested people headed to all areas and we were overwhelmed at the support and interest people showed our table, asking questions about who we are and what we do and then talking about our merchandise as well as other EDC related matters made for a great few hours. In this time we got to meet some of our members from the group and had great chats about all sorts and this really made our day just being able to talk to other guys with the same interests and seeing how our group had brought all these people together was amazing.

The support, friendship and love people shown to the group, us guys who started it all and each other is something to behold. 10 of us started the group to let everyone get involved in EDC from all walks of life and from all over the globe, we made sure it wasn’t elitist or judgmental and that we wanted to embrace everyone by being on the forefront of the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc all of this meant we weren’t closed off hiding away as some older forums use to be. Bringing the group kicking in to the modern world has allowed us to have members from all over and this was evident when Matteo, a cooperator from Italy, appeared at the table to say hello. To say this was a shock was an understatement. This guy stood there in a EDCcooperative sports hoodie (available from the store page..wink wink) and glorious beard had travelled many miles just be with us on this day and this was beyond words. Other cooperators, both locally and from further afield, came and while the table was full all day we managed between ourselves to have a great day catching up and talking with thanks to all including Nigel, Lee, Dash, Joel, Mark and many many more. In addition, Nigel, a friend and moderator from our Facebook page, joined us the day before, traveling from Ireland to help us out, really made the two days remarkable. He and others really showed the spirit of the group and what we are about.

The Knives UK Show is the UK’s main knife show, featuring a vast array of custom, collectable and production knives, tools and supplies. Makers and suppliers from all over the UK and overseas attend and it is a great opportunity to get to meet makers, see and hold knives and talk to exhibitors and other like-minded people all day long. With many well-known makers such as Michael Morris, Selfe made knives, PieSlicer and many more, this event is a way to be part of something exceptional. Walking around the stalls it was clear to see the talent and expertise on show in this one hall and it looked like it could be a very expensive day for some people. Throughout the day the tables were all busy and a flurry of activity just after lunch kept all tables going strong.

Having lots of people talking to us about our knife collaborations was great and we were commended on numerous occasions about the workmanship and design on our items. We had planned on presenting some Cooperator patches (this is what now seems to be infamous within the group but for those who don’t know this is a patch designed by the 5th Coop Beatle PST to help show our support to those who have helped us, show great support or friendship to us or other members, to those who have helped or gone above and beyond in order make the group what it is today). 4 patches were handed out that day having big smiles, hugs and even some tears made the event one we won’t forget. Many hours passed of chatting with people and talking to cooperators and soon it was getting time to start packing away to get back to normal life. The euphoria of the past day still energising us for days to come made the journey home easy and we know more is to come, bigger, better and more cooperative.

Will we go back next year? YES

Will we look to do more? YES

And can you bet we won’t stop there? OH,YES!!

The items we’ve worked on and spent countless hours planning, sorting, packing, making, posting etc are all just a by-product from the group. Yes, we love them but we see this as cooperators being able to show their support to the group and each other. New items are always being worked on to allow the group to grow and show ourselves to the world.

We are a group, we work in a cooperative manner, we are the EDC COOPERATIVE.

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