We did it!!!! We have reached that massive milestone of ten thousand followers on instagram!!! We just wanted to say thank you.,We are truly grateful for all the follows over all our social media platforms but also for the support in general over these years. We have said it before but the EDCCooperative would be nothing if it wasn’t for all those that take part i.e YOU GUYS!!! It has been amazing to see this community grow and for friendships to be borne out of it. We certainly do not take you or this accolade for granted.

I can remember the day that we set the instagram account up, it was on a bit of a whim, the ten of us had been discussing it for a while and put it off, there was lots of umming and ahhing, i went away and set the account up, went back to the others and said that the deed is done… from then on, it was a hard slog in all honesty. As you all know, it isn’t east to get on in the world of social media sometimes, but by some miracle, we started to grow, one hundred, two hundred, five hundred… ONE THOUSAND… each milestone regardless of how small it may have seemed was always celebrated and discussed between the ten of us, we just were blown away with the constant support we were receiving.

We are genuinely humbled by the support and love that we receive from all of you guys! Thank you for following us, commenting on our posts, liking the photos but most of all, being there for all the other members of the Coop. It is also worth saying thanks for buying the products we have brought to you. You may know that we do that as a hobby, we all have full time jobs, families and then the Coop, the Coop has become a massive part of our lives, from emailing suppliers and makers to spending a full weekend packaging up orders of the recently released Rockit Plan B blades, but we wouldn’t change it.

We have been around since 2016, we branched out on to instagram first and then Facebook followed, it has all been growing steadily over them years and it has been great to see it achieve so much that we never dreamt we would, you have all stuck by our sides!

Hitting that 10k, we are aware that we have some extremely loyal followers that have been with us since the very early days but with the beauty of social media, we have some people that are brand new to the Cooperative, it is great to see the engagement between all the members, as equals, helping each other where possible, exactly how the Coop was formed.

Thank you for sharing your love for us and the things we do.

All the items we have made possible have been received well and we thank you all for taking your beautiful photos of them, sharing it on social media and tagging us in them posts

The EDCCooperative was a community that started on instagram and will stay on instagram. Sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the love, support and community spirit! Keep on doing what you are doing… The EDCCooperative.

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