The MecArmy TPX10 titanium EDC pen…

Let’s be honest, there are plenty of mechanical bolt action pens out there to choose from, from a plethora of makers and to suit all budgets. Each of these options have their own benefits and of course, downfalls. Some are made from exotic materials, some have multiple refilling options, some even have features that’s are not usually found on a pen, ultimately, they all try to fit the needs of a different kind of EDCer.

Mecarmy approached us to see if we would be interested in doing a review on a number of their items, we agreed, after all, Mecarmy are a large, well known company, who we were all aware of, why wouldn’t we want a chance to have a look at some of their gear other than the few bits that we collectively have between the ten of us. A short time alter, a parcel arrived from Mecarmy, one of the items was the MecArmy TPX10 which described as a ‘Titanuim Bolt action Ball pen with top spinner’.

The MecArmy TPX10 is packed with a number of features that many EDC fanatics would look for and need in a pen of this size and style along with a few extra ones. It’s a solid option for the EDCer that does not compromise on its manufacturing design and functionality, comprising of twelve individual parts that have all been CNC machined to a good quality.

The TPX10 measures a mere 97.3mm long and the 12.5mm wide body is machined from TC4 titanium, with a corrosion and scratch resistant finish befitting a tough EDC pen all weighing in at around 34g. The length and weight of the pen ensures that it sits well in your hand, nice and comfortable with not being too small. The strong, quality material with its compact size, and pocket clip lend themselves well to a pen that you can carry every day and everywhere. It is also the type of pen that will look ok in most situations, let’s face it, some ‘EDC’ pens look a bit daft, if you were signing a receipt in a shop, they would look ridiculously out of place, the TPX10 does not.

The refil of choice that is included with the TPX10 is the lamy m22, which, forgive my ignorance, I have never used previously but I must say, it writes like a dream and is one i would look into in the future for some of my other pens.

Now, the thing that some of you may say is a little ‘gimmicky’ is that it has a spinner, fidget type thing on the top of the pen. Now, i have to admit, this is not necessarily a feature that i would look for specifically in a pen, however, its there, i found myself playing with it whilst i was writing… well, pausing and looking out of the window and i have to say, i like it. The spinner isn’t noisy, which is a good thing. If you have the need for something that’s a fidget toy, this is the sort of thing that doubles up as that as well as having the functionality of a pen, one that works well with the EDC pocket dumps we are all fond of. Along the edge the spinner is a set of six slots that can house the 1.5mm glowing tritium vials… now, I don’t know about you, but i love a good tritium vial, i am actually considering getting myself some vials and fitting them to the pen… I’m sure it would look cool spinning it in the dark as well as aiding to find the pen in a bag or whatever.

The bolt action to ‘activate’ the ink in the pen is an ‘L’ shaped action and is nice and smooth with a positive on and off fitment into the body of it. At the top end of the pen there is also a hole that appears to be for a lanyard, this could prove useful and i fell that it would not be in the way of the fidget spinner should you be wanting to use it for a lanyard. There are a number of grooves in the lower part of the TPX10 to aid with grip that are aesthetically pleasing and useful at the same time.

All in all, this is a good quality pen that has a number of features that may or may not appeal to you, upon a quick search on the old google, it would appear that the pen retails for around £99.

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