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Hello everyone, I’m the owner/designer of ROGAN. I started making these tools about 15 years ago as a hobby. Being a big primitive camper, I wanted to save my knife edge for fine cuts and use my tool for digging, splitting wood, prying and hammering in tent stakes. My brother is a US Marine and when he was sent to the Middle East, I sent him with one of my tools. His fellow Marines saw it and wanted one of their own. I started making them and shipping them over as part of a care package. I got plenty of positive feedback.

After having many failed business attempts in other industries, I was down and out. I saw that we had a local gun show in town and I spent my last $100 to get a table there. I loaded the table with as many tools that I could and on Sunday night when the show ended, I was sold out. From that moment on, I have devoted all my efforts to develop and adapt ROGAN into what you see today. I look back to the first products I made and can’t believe that the product has morphed so quickly. Our EDC lineup has been very successful as it can be used by a wide variety of people and most are TSA compliant. I plan on releasing a couple more models by the end of January and will be converting all the EDC models to stainless steel as well as making them all TSA compliant. So there you have it- a little background of my story and what I have in store for the future. I’m a huge fan of everything EDC so I thought it would be appropriate to reach out to the group, introduce myself and answer any questions that I can. I ship world wide, and have distributors in the USA and Canada but am always looking for a UK based distributor. Check us out at
I’m happy to be a part of the EDCCooperative and am determined to provide you all with the highest quality and most robust tools that I can.

Thanks for reading!

Mike Rogan

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