J Woytaz – JW Knives 

G5 Bandicoot – skeleton – bronze/blue

Material: 6al4v Titanium

Weight: 24g


·       Pry Bar

·       Bottle cap opener

·       Flathead screwdriver

·       1/4″ and 7/16” hex cutouts

·       Flat scrapper 

The bandicoot is a small and well-designed pocket tool, having great form factor, this little everyday carry item is useful in a number of situations from prying open items to being able to enjoy a nice cool bottle of beer.  Its light weight skeletonized design makes it easy to carry and non-obtrusive in the pocket, all the time knowing its strong enough to be used for the purpose of its role.

The finish of this G5 model is nothing short of stunning, its deep blue colour is elevated by the strong yet subtle bronzing, making this ideal for photographing at any angle (which is let’s face it the reason we pick some items as much as for the everyday use of them J)  

Having owned items from Jay previously I know the build and finish is always going to first class and once again I haven’t been left disappointed.

Jay Woytaz has been making items since around 2012 and is known for his cool designs and high quality products. Each Bandicoot is individually marked making that personal connection to each and every item that bit more special. 

More items and details of his work and products can be found on his webpage:

or on Instagram: @jw_knives

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