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I first discovered Hawkrigger Gear via Instagram where, after chatting with Stu Graham, the owner, I purchased an Urban EDC belt.

This was during July 2018. I was so impressed with this that I subsequently bought a Talon EDC belt and one of the Para Bellum belts. I’ve worn one of these belts on a daily basis ever since.

Since buying the belts I’ve also purchased one of their Para Bellum watch straps which is the most comfortable strap I’ve ever worn and which will get it’s own mini review at some point.

OK, so back to the belts.

All three belts use high tensile, premium 1.5″ webbing which, in addition to being firm, has held it’s shape and not suffered from any fraying or such. The custom designed buckles are all made from stainless steel which is approximately 3mm thick.

Hawkrigger also produce other rigger style belts and various others suitable for CCW use or as or duty belts and which are available from their online store.

Hawkrigger belts
The author’s personal collection of Hawkrigger belts

Urban EDC Belt

This is the simplest design of the three in that the free end of the belt just threads through the buckle. This means that it could also be used as a webbing strap to tie something down .

Hawkrigger EDC belt
Hawkrigger EDC belt

Talon EDC Belt

This is slightly different to the Urban EDC belt as the free end is formed into a loop which hooks onto a hook(what else would it hook in to!) built into the belt buckle meaning it’s very quick to release but, at the same time, equally secure.

Hawkrigger Talon belt
Hawkrigger Talon belt

Para Bellum Belt

The Para Bellum Belt has a design derived from French Marine Nationale dive belt bucklesfrom the 1950s. Hawkrigger have redeveloped the buckle to produce a low imprint belt perfect for every day use. As with the other belts. the buckle is stainless steel. This separates into two parts when disengaged so the smaller side can easily threaded through standard belt loops. Again, this fastening method is really secure.

Hawkrigger Para Bellum belt
Hawkrigger Para Bellum belt
Hawkrigger Para Bellum belt (fastened)
Hawkrigger Para Bellum belt (fastened)

Final Words

All three belts are built using bomb-proof materials using heavy duty stitching, are extremely durable and comfortable to wear and don’t look overly tactical and so are suitable for EDC wear.

All three of these items were purchased by myself, using my own funds and this is my personal review of these products.

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