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We came across hawkrigger some time ago and liked what we saw. It was relatively early on in our foray into ‘the social media’…

I reached out to Hawkrigger what seems like a long long time ago to see if they would be interested in providing us with a discount code that we could pass onto our members. It ended up that I was sat in my hammock in some woods, making a brew whilst on the phone to Stuart for a good forty five minutes to an hour, discussing his business, our ethos with the coop, general shooting the breeze and what not. All in all, it was great to speak to someone who clearly had a passion for what they do and that they wished to share that with me. 

The Hawkrigger name is drawn from US Marine Corps parachute Riggers who are credited with the evolution of the Riggers Belt. Riggers in the military are famous for scavenging parts from standard issue kit to innovate new gear designs. They say that necessity is the mother of all invention, and Hawkrigger  is a firm believer that inspiration plus creativity and persistence leads to innovation.

So just when Stuart had thought that he had made every conceivable kind of belt buckle, he stumbled across the Marine Nationale dive belt. This buckle really caught the imagination with its utilitarian form and function and became the inspiration for a new product.

Stuart will be the first to tell you that he stepped outside the box, not only to re-work the dive belt design for a new belt but also for a watch strap! 

Hawkrigger, having worked with webbing day in day out had thought about making a watchstrap in the past but it never came into fruition… that is until he had the idea of this new style buckle, this would be perfect! So just like a proper Rigger the transition from dive belt to watch strap, scavenging ideas from standard issue kit, inspired and created new gear design and I have to say, now that I own two of the watch straps, I really do…. genuinely love the design, so much so, I will be ordering a third very soon and I am constantly mithering Stuart with regards to him getting different colour ways and widths of material in so I can get even more.  

Hawkrigger has re-developed an historic design combining the same type of elastic parachute braid used by French Marine Nationale divers on their Tudor MN ’77 Submariner watches with a downsized proprietry version the their dive belt buckle. The watch band boasts a wearablity and asthetic that will compliment any timepiece.

The strap is a complete loop, you have to put your wrist through the… opening… before you can activate the buckle arrangement and cinch it down to the desired tightness. I suppose you could liken it to almost being like a stainless steel bracelet but with more adjustability. 

The strap is made mainly from elastic webbing mainly, this comes in a handful of different colour options, the one that is on my spinnaker Fleuss is the grey/blue option, meaning the strap is grey with a blue line around the centre. If you were to place an order, you’d need to measure your writs circumference and also the distance between the lugs on your watch, currently, hawkrigger only offers two widths, that’s 20mm and 22mm. 

The stainless steel buckle is permanently fixed to the webbing and is not removable.   The buckle is in two parts, the smaller of the parts passes through the centre of the larger part to ‘lock’ into position. 

Now, the para bellum paired with the spinnaker Fleuss could almost be described as a match made in heaven, both being ode to time gone by but that has been brought right up to date for the modern times and the modern man. 

The first day I went out with the Fleuss/Para Bellum combination on, two… two separate people commented on the pair which is unusual in itself in this day and age but it also goes to show that they’re an attractive pairing. As it stands, this is my current go to setup for my rest days and together they have made me fall back in love with watches… hence me needing more Para Bellum straps…

The Para Bellum Belt has a design derived from French Marine Nationale dive belt buckles circa 1950. Hawkrigger has harnessed this pedigree and redeveloped the buckle for the 21st century to offer a robust, quick release, low imprint belt perfect for every day wear and concealed carry. The buckle’s stainless steel hardware separates into two parts when disengaged, the smaller side easily threaded through standard pant loops. This is a superb belt!

*The Hawkrigger Para Bellum Band watch strap is an original innovation, it holds an international design registration and consequently is protected intellectual property*

Link to Hawwkrigger gear…

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