The Victoniox Jetsetter @ work Alox…

The Jetsetter@work Alox is certainly a testament to Victorinox’s supremacy when it comes to true utilitarian pocket knives. If you’re a fan of Victorinox then you will appreciate the quality of the tools they make, if you are not, it wont take much to change your mind.

This, and I use the term very loosely, pocket knife marries Victorinox’s 134-year technical proficiency in folding multi-tool pocket knife-making and 21st century innovation.
You could be forgiven in thinking that Victorinox is deeply rooted in its tradition and that it can no longer innovate to meet the demands of the 21st century and the younger generations.

Minichamp, jetsetter, modded pioneer…

Whilst the Jetsetter@work Alox still retains the classic Victorinox multi-tool pocket knife design that is now synonymous with all Victorinox products, one piece of the multi-tool fits right into the palms of modern digital nomad. The Jetsetter@work now has a pivoting USB stick that can also be easily removed. The USB stick now runs on USB versions 3.0 and 3.1, giving you lightning-quick management of files across a variety of devices as a pose to the older versions that ran on 2.0. For those of you that it makes sense to, the read speed is 120MB/s and the write speed is 25MB/s. This is in addition to the other tools that make up the Jetsetter@work. These include a bottle opener, scissors, magnetic Philips screwdriver, wire stripper, and key ring, it always gets me that they list the key ring as a tool, but they do, so there you go. The ‘blade’ is not lockable, unfortunately. As an extra to boot and something that I feel is an overlooked feature, the tip of the Phillips driver is actually magnetic, which comes in really handy.

The USB drive is completely removable from the chassis of the SAK which we feel is another point where the Swiss ingenuity shines through. As yet another bonus, the memory stick seems to act as a charging cable between your mobile phone and computer, happy accident, I’m not sure but I cannot see this anywhere in the literature and cannot guarantee it will work with all devices and items.

I did refer to this as a pocket knife earlier, of course, you will have now realised that there is not actual knife blade on this 58mm chassis, so what does that mean, it is TSA approved of course! As I have already mentioned, perfect for those digital nomads amongst us, especially those that appreciate the Victorinox tools.

Now, the unit I have is ‘only’ a 16GB drive, when I posted an image on Instagram, a couple of people scoffed and proclaimed that it was not good enough for them and left it at that. Part of me does agree, however, I don’t think it is meant to be your main memory storage device, for me it will be used primarily for moving files from one device to another and for storing copies of documents on for when I am travelling, I feel that it will be perfect for my intended use. I think people have just got all wrapped up in technology a little too much and expect it to have 1TB of storage on it, don’t get me wrong, I’d love that… but it would be far too much. Since I purchased mine, I have seen a photograph of a collection of them all with 64GB marked on them, I couldn’t find them for sale anywhere.

Moving on to sales, we have a discount code for a well known UK supplier but these were listed on their site for over £70, plus shipping. Victorinox themselves have it listed for £75. I managed to find a store in the Netherlands that had it for sale for a shade less than €40… which is where I bought mine from with quick shipping and great customer service, the only issue is is that the website is not in English, so i had to do the transaction via email, which was no issue at all.

Whether you’re at home, in the office or travelling, you can always feel confident that you can safely and securely manage your data files with the added benefit of performing other tasks aside from data management whilst looking cool.

If you want to look at the hands on video, follow the link below:

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