The Fenix ARE-X1 smart battery charger…

Fenix are well known for their flashlights as well as batteries and their chargers.
The ARE-X1 is quite a simple charger and power bank all rolled into one.

It is however, only suitable for 26650/18650, this is not a problem for me as a few of my lights are 18650 anyway. I am led to believe that many vape or e-cig systems use 18650 batteries so this kit is a bonus if you are a vaper.

The charger unit has a micro usb socket at one end that is the input point used for charging the battery. On the other end of the charger is a USB A output port for charging your item.

On the body of the charger is an led, there is only the one interface, if you can call it that. It will light up red as it is charging the battery and once the battery is fully charged, this will turn green. If you are using the battery to charge your item, it will flash red.

The output of the charger is marked as 4.2 volts but is actually reportedly to be around 5v.

This is probably not going to be the best item out there, I’m sure you can find better and more expensive things that do a similar job, however, it should not be discounted. This will be great if you need to charge a battery up in your car, at work plugged into your computer or just on the go. I do like the idea of it and I am glad that I have one. For the cost and the functionality, it is a great doodad to have in your arsenal.

Unboxing and overview of the Fenix ARE-X1

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