Orbitkey, a key organiser for everyday carry…

I’ve been aware of Orbitkey for some time but have never really taken much notice in them specifically, not for any reason, just.. well just because I haven’t. I then saw a kickstarter campaign pop up from orbitkey pop up, this got me thinking and looking into them a bit more. I ended up in private conversation with a very nice lady from Orbitkey who gave me lots of information with regards to the new campaign that they were undertaking. We discussed the EDCCooperative, what we did etc and she then offered to send us an Orbitkey to use and have a look at. Again, we were overwhelmed that someone would actually give us this opportunity, we of course jumped at the chance.

So, i hear you asking, what is an OrbitKey Key Organize..?

Well, it is a key organiser, if you want to be able to access your keys that are stacked similar to a multi tool, like a Swiss Army knife of Leatherman for example, whilst they are all wrapped up in some quality materials, such as leather.

The one that arrived a couple of days later from Orbitkey was a nylon one, it is actually one that was done as a collaberation with the company ‘Crumpler’. It looks great in the all black, i will say that. The orbitkey comes in several different colours and materials, leather, nylon, tpu rubber to name a few. The Orbit key really makes your jangling key collection much more organized, less noisy and less likely to scratch anything else in your pocket.

Simple carry…

In my pack package, I got the additional orbitkey ring clip that easily allows you add and remove additional items like a car key fob to the other end of the organizer.

The Orbitkey, irrelevant of the material it is made from will hold a minimum of two keys and up to seven keys. There is however an extension that will allow you to hold a couple more keys. On one end of the organiser is a D-ring attachment where you can either attach Orbit keys own key ring, or indeed your own, so that you can hold your car key on there as they tend to be large and bulk, they won’t fit inside the key organiser.

Work essentials…

The Orbitkey organiser is really easy to use, you can loosen and tighten the hardware with a coin. Once it is loose enough, you can wind it all the way off so that it completely comes apart. You will now be able to add your keys to the post that is remaining, once your keys are located and secured, the hardest part is upon you, you need to fold over the orbitkey and then line up the threaded bolt with the hollow post that your keys are straddling, then just tighten it up.This whole process is really easy.

I have used many key organisers in the past, i like them all for various reasons, they all have their place i guess for different styles and different carries. But the orbitkey is just, well, elegant is the word I’d use really. There is just something about it that oozes quality and I’m not just saying that as i have been sent mine by orbit key… on that, i liked the orbitkey that much that I went and bought management her own. The Orbit key does what most key organisers do and that is keeping your keys tidy and silent. All materials from the material loop to the metal hardware feels like it is high quality.

Everything you need for a quick trip…

In the package from orbitkey were a couple of extra items that are all accessories to the orbitkey eco system, i shall go over these in a further smaller blog post and associated YouTube video.

Have a look at the OrbitKey website below and see what is available:


Youtube unboxing video…

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