OrbitKey x Chipolo tracker…

Are you one of these people that loses their keys regularly..?

I know that getting changed at work and using different bags whilst at work and then travelling to and from work can get confusing as to where i last had an item… usually the keys I don’t carry whilst at work or my wallet.

Anyway, if you use or misplace your keys occasionally, a tracker of sorts may be what you need.

The ‘Orbitkey X Chipolo’ Tracker is about the size of a USBdrive and fits perfectly into your Orbitkey or many other key organisers for that matter.

The tracker needs to be paired with the ‘Chipolo’ app that is free to download to your mobile device. In the box, along with the tracker is also a little tag… it is similar to a hair bobble with a leather tab on it that can be used to attach the tracker to a bag or something, so it can be used on other things than just your keys.

You can set this up that when you leave your keys somewhere, your device will alert you and you can locate the keys and be on your way. If you have lost your keys, you can activate the tracker to ring them and aid you to locate them. Similarly, if you have lost your phone, you can press the button on the tracker to locate your phone.
The button on the tracker can also be used to take a selfie with with your paired device.

The Orbitkey and Chipolo tracker in black…

A really appealing factor of this Tracker that is not available on all other trackers is that the Orbit X Chipolo has a replaceable battery. It is also available in. Two different colours, a black and a stone colour, either one will go with all colours of the Orbitkey range.

Youtube unboxing video…

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