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So wallets wallets wallets. An EDC staple item that has many forms and is subject to lots of differing opinions. With the influx of minimalist wallets over the past few years there are many options to chose from. After chatting on social media with the company Stow we wanted to do a review of the STOW Slip wallet. For a slim based wallet, it has some interesting design features that make it slightly different to the rest.

So starting at the beginning is best when talking about the STOW company, One element that really stands out is the resiliency of the company after overcoming such tragedy while they were finalizing their prototypes, they were caught in the California Carr wildfire in mid-2018 that burnt down their home and manufacturing facility, which was located next to the family home, along with many other buildings around them including residences.

The impressive thing was how the fought back from this and did not deter them from fighting back and working harder than ever to rebuild everything they had lost…including the manufacturing elements to start the company again. This allowed them to successfully re-launch the company with the products that they now sell today.

The wallets themselves are packaged in a multi-coloured box that has a very clever little a cut out on the top that incorporates the colour of the product on the inside to be seen through the cut out so you have the first cheeky taste of the wallet you’ve obtained. Upon opening the box the wallet is as you’d expect from a minimal wallet, and by that I mean its small, simple in appearance and clean, however this wallet is everything but simple and there are some very interesting features built into the design that produces a really unique item that has been very well thought out.

So the features of the STOW wallet that make this design something new really fall into the 3 areas, firstly the front card slip allows for single plastic cards to be easily accessed or manly for business cards or loyalty cards to be easily added and accessed without a lot of searching. All this and they remain very secure which is a great thing.  The second part to the wallet is how the main card compartment works, having a specially patented flexi panel to the inner workings means there will always be sufficient pressure to keep all cards firmly in place while keeping the tolerances for retrieving cards and notes light and easy.

When inserting cards it is pleasing to note that on any of the 4 capacity sizes holding 1 or the maximum number of cards they will stay in place without fear of falling out. Rear card capacities come in 4,6,8 & 10 card options which nicely covers many users preferences. The rear of the wallet leads to the third and final design element of the STOW wallet, notes are folded and slipped behind any cards that are in the wallet, again the flexi panel design provides a sprung pressure point to keep notes firmly in place allowing quick access when required and giving an easy and simple access point to insert notes

The wallet is designed and made in the America and is made of aerospace grade aluminium from a single piece of stock.

On Stows webpage the wallet costs $58 for each version (about £46 or 50 Euros) the options they have designed are great and allow the purchaser to pick size and colour with many different colours available on their website. The colour options were very impressive and will defiantly give you some food for thought when picking, you may need to sit down while making this choice.

One item the wallet doesn’t have is RFID, however this is easily gotten over by grabbing a RFID blocker card and they easy obtained from many places and manufactures.

The wallets measure 3.6” x 2.3” x from 0.51” upwards depending on model, due to being lightweight aluminium they are only around 45 grams when unfilled.

Hearing what the founder of STOW has to say (as below) confirms how hard and the level of works and thought that has gone into the wallet.

“The Slip wallet by STOW. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Slip is an aluminum minimalist wallet engineered from the ground up with an aerospace engineer’s stamp of approval.

CNC machined from a single piece of 6061 aerospace aluminum 

Engineered and manufactured 100% in the United States

Credit cards are securely stowed and easily accessed

Plenty of space for cash, business cards, and loyalty cards 

Secure universal phone attachment system

Lightweight—only weighs one ounce   

After years of searching for a suitable wallet to no avail, I began developing a wallet for myself in October 2017. Then ensued a 10-month effort of designing, engineering, prototyping, and refining my ideal minimalist wallet. The result was the Slip, a wallet worth creating. 


Before I was able to launch the Slip wallet, my entire manufacturing facility, as well as my home, prototypes, machines, tools, and everything else I owned, was burned in the July 2018 Northern California Carr Wildfire. The disaster was devastating, but it wasn’t enough to destroy my vision. In the aftermath of the fire, work on the wallet continued. Failure just wasn’t an option.


15 months of hard work, revisions, and dedication later, the Slip is ready to be introduced to the world. This project is a big step toward helping my company rise from the ashes—literally. When you choose to back my business, you will receive the finished Slip wallet, and be a key player in helping to rebuild STOW. I am extremely excited to present this innovative new wallet, and hopefully many future STOW products, to the world. Thanks for your support! ”


The STOW wallet itself is a well made and very functional minimalist wallet, the functionality of the components is impressive and the general fit and feel of the product is everything you would want and expect from a high quality product. Rugged, ridged and solid all describe the build of them very well. So in the field of small minimal wallets the STOW Slip wallet is defiantly where it wants and more importantly needs to be, to be a top contender when thinking about new small wallets. Everyday carry for us all is no longer just about the product but also the product makers and all that has gone in to them to produce these items and this is where we feel the STOW wallet company really shows its strengths.

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We would like to thank STOW wallets for also providing a special one of custom forest green slip wallet for us Giveaway.  Also you can sign up on their webpage to enable a 10% discount code “welcome” for your first purchase!

Ref: some reference photographs and images used are owned by STOW and not the property of the Edccooperative and permission was requested before use.

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