All members of the EDC Cooperative have the right to call themselves cooperators. However, the Founders will occasionally award a member Patched in Cooperator status (aka #thepatchthatmoneycantbuy).

These individuals are members who have shown cooperation and commitment to the group that is above and beyond. Not only do they have a passion for all things EDC, but they have the spirit and the attitude that goes with it.

Cooperator patch
Cooperator patch

There is no set course of action that will gain you invitation into this exclusive club, you must merely show you are a valid member.

Involve yourself in the group, get to know other members, join in the fun, hashtag us when possible.

Patches are extremely sought after. Please do not be offended if you are not awarded one straight away. Keep being a good person and your time may come.

Membership includes:

  • Exclusive PVC Cooperator Patch
  • Cooperator number
  • Membership card
  • Welcome pack.


  1. As much as I’d love the patch, being totally honest. I’m happy just to have found the edccooperative community.

    It is one of the best groups I have found on Facebook and there is a real feeling of friendship and comradery within the group. There is no trolling, bullying disguised as banter or any other horribleness, it’s just a friendly fun group. Well done to the founders 🙂

  2. I will patiently await for the coop patch. This community is awesome, especially during this challenging time globally, cooperative post and story sharing is very therapeutic.

  3. It’s great to have found a group of likeminded individuals, who are down to earth and like to discuss “proper stuff” 😂👍

  4. I will wait patiently for it 😄. This community is awesome, especially during this globally trying times, coop’s posting and sharing is so therapeutic.

  5. Hi there just a quick note to say thanks for setting up the page and the group. I’ve been into EDC for a while but there is nobody else I know in the rural Islands that even knows what a EDC stands for you guys have got me saying thanks for that and keep up the good work.

  6. A concept that is not yet known in Japan.
    I’m excited about everyone’s posts and goodies.
    There is such a saying in Japan
    No need to worry if you are prepared

    Longevity and prosperity (^^)

  7. Love the Coop. A patch would be icing on the cake. Have met some lifelong friends and learned so much from everyone in the group. I’m proud to be a part of this family.

  8. Superb folks, alot of people rely on this group, its a safe haven for many…Expecially in the current circumstances ❤

  9. Keep Up A Great Work n Always Share Our Passion Together All Over The World..
    Being Apart Of This Community Always Be My Pleasure N Proud Of It!

  10. As a new member of the Coop, I was curious about these mysterious envelopes people were getting. Thank you for the group, it’s much needed right now. Absolutely love the brotherhood that exists.

  11. In today troubling times it’s good to see posts where everyone is getting along. I enjoy reading all of them on Facebook and Lol I’m gonna try Black Pudding one of these days.

  12. I’m new to the group on Facebook and feel nothing but love coming from it anytime someone posts! I don’t know anyone in the group yet but I feel comfortable enough that I could post my most inner feelings and be greeted with nothing but respect from them!! So glad to have joined this group in such a struggling time!!

  13. So glad that I’ve found this group when I did. Only been in the group coming on 2 weeks but every post I see is greeted with nothing but positivity and in today’s world that’s what we need!!

  14. Can’t believe I’ve found such a friendly and welcoming group of people on Facebook. Thank you for all that you do.

  15. I just found out about the cooperative a few weeks ago but now I will strive hard to some day get one of those patches! 😉

    Been into EDC long before the term existed and my interest has recently been reactivated, stronger than ever.

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