LynchNW AAP v3.5

In the EDC world, Casey’s work has been widely regarded as some of the most popular and most wanted or the past few years.   With his production increasing with the ever growing legion of fans old and new more lucky people have been able to say they own what is classed as one of the very best pry bars in the everyday carry market.

I have personally been lucky enough to have held the v1.2 the 2.5 and now the 3.5.  Still wish I’d kept the 2.5 but these things happen and that’s one joy of our edc gear, it changes and the wants, needs and regrets make it fun and interesting.

So the All Access Pass v3.5, what’s this one about?

The v3.5 is slightly longer and definitely thinner than the main first version of the All Access Pass pry bar.  Now first and foremost I must admit I wasnt the biggest fan of the looks the very first time I saw it on the Instagram pages. I felt it had stepped a bit to far away from the original and didn’t look strong and user friendly as the original version did.  But over time (as these happen on gear we see) I became more and more interested in grabbing one.  Now whether this was a ‘collection addition’ item or a ‘must have user ‘ I still don’t know but knew if i had the chance to grab one at a good price i would be going for it.   Eventually one came up at the right time for the right price and so the wait we all love and hate started.  A few days passed and it arrived from the rather wet and unhappy looking postman. 

As with all products from Casey the presentation is top draw.  A slim sleek black box with gold tape and detail was very nice.  And then the opening and seeing the pry for the first time.  First impressions was it was smaller than expected but the workmanship shone out as always.  Now, not looking to blow even more smoke up Casey’s bottom but all his items are good it just shows what can be done with time and care, something some other makers need to take note. No compromise and no imperfections were noted to the v3.5. 

The pry is made from 6AL-4V titanium with a titanium pocket clip.  as LynchNW say each tool and clip has been individually hand finished which shows the level of expectation he expects from each and every bar.

Product Dimensions: 4.5” x 0.63” x .150+/-“

Some important information taken direct from Casey’s page:

All products are designed, sourced, and made in America.  The reason for this is two-fold.  Philosophically, we are grateful and proud to live in the USA.  Practically, it’s important to us to be able to oversee and control every aspect of what goes out the door, and we can best do that by having each and every part made here in the Pacific Northwest.

Many of the parts we make and sell are designed to be replacement parts for brands such as Spyderco, Benchmade, ProTech, Emerson, and Zero Tolerance, among others.  Calling them ‘replacement parts’ instead of ‘upgraded parts’ is intentional.  These companies make excellent products, and the parts of their knives that our parts replace are no exception.  OEM Spyderco clips, as an example, are uniformly excellent, both in fit & finish and design.  Because of that, I do not consider LynchNW parts to be upgrades.  They are, simply put, alternatives; it is our goal to make them to the standard of quality of the parts they replace.  Our objective is to design each part with minute attention to detail, make each one to the best quality possible, provide the best customer support we are able, and sell them for the best price we can, should a user be interested in something different for their knife.

Each part is QC’d multiple times before leaving the shop.  We take pride in sending out the best product we are capable of making.  However, these are handmade parts, so each one will not be 100% identical to the one before it.  Should you as the user find fit & finish, performance, or design to be lacking,  please reach out so we can make it right.

All parts are guaranteed for life.  They are designed to be used, and things that are used are susceptible to wear and damage.  Should a part fail, or should you be unhappy with it for any reason, please send an email and we will replace it, or refund you in full.

If you have any feedback or questions, or if you have a request or an idea for a new part, please reach out!  I do my best to answer emails by the next day; emails received on weekends may not receive a reply until the following Monday.

Thank you again.


I think the careful consideration and passion shown in this statement is important and shows that EDC items are as important to the purchaser as well the maker. 

My own thoughts on the v3.5 is that this will find a place in my pry rotation and while it doesn’t usurp the v1.2 as my favourite it certainly offers another style and feel to daily carry.  And that is what I think makes it great. While I didnt initially feel it wasnt a great looking pry bar and that it was a different to the original it is that very point that makes it a great addition to my carry.   I will be looking at grabbing the V2.5 again to keep my collection addition in line. 

Check out the links for Casey below.

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