Meet your Maker – Firefly 15

Welcome to the first edition of Meet Your Maker. This week it’s the turn of one of the Edccooperative’s very own Elliot from the UK .

Your company or trading name

Firefly 15

Tell us about where you’re from, what you do, how it all started and why you enjoy it.

I’m from Greater Manchester, UK. I started making hanks because at the time, there was little to no UK hank makers.

What are your aims and are there any items or products you’d love to make?

Nothing specific, I take each day as it comes and look at new opportunities as they come my way.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in the work you do associated with EDC?

Being able to raise money for various charities through the Good Cause hanks.

What is the best thing you have made and why?

I’m a big fan of edc bottle openers. I currently have 2 designs that have made it into production. These are much different from the Hanks so its been a big learning curve to get them made.

What EDC gear is in your pockets right now?

Firefly15 Christmas 2019 Hank. Great Eastern Cutlery #14 with stag scales. Firefly 15 brass Hawkeye bottle opener.

What’s the favourite piece of EDC gear that you own?

Probably my Northwoods Freemont Jack with Stag scales. Purely for the exclusivity of that knife. Similarly, my Cypop contra with Brass and Micarta.

What EDC item would you love to own and why?

CRK Sebenza 21 small with Micarta inlays.

A random fact about yourself that readers won’t learn anywhere else

I am a co-founder of a great edc group called the Edccooperative

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