Meet your Maker – 2mEdc

Welcome to the third edition of Meet Your Maker. This week it’s the turn of Matteo from Italy.

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Tell us about where you’re from, what you do, how it all started and why you enjoy it.

I’m a newbie knifemaker from Italy and I started both for my passion for knives and bits and for the support and encouragement that I got in the group. If it wasn’t for the push of people there that complimented and sustained me when my peeves were really “at an early stage”, I wouldn’t have continued and seen improvements.

What are your aims and are there any items or products you’d love to make?

I hope to join the Italian knifemakers guild and to be recognised among the true makers, and one day I hope to undergo the evaluation to get the title of Maestro.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in the work you do associated with EDC?

To see pics of my stuff from all around the world, to have people tagging me on social media and even creating hashtags for my stuff… And to know that they treasure my crafts.

What is the best thing you have made and why?

Actually I don’t have a “best” as every piece I make comes out better than the previous. I’m still in the golden age of improvement and the satisfaction is a great fuel.

What EDC gear is in your pockets right now?

A box cutter, a fixed blade, 2 torches, 2 prys, a pen, a multiple bits screwdriver, my favourite patch (guess which one? 😁), a lighter, another folding blade I forgot to leave at home, my tobacco pouch and my phone… Yes, my belt is really strong. 😂

What’s the favourite piece of EDC gear that you own?

Mmmh… Tricky. I’m like a magpie, I love every single shiny bit… And thanks to your bad influence I now collect stuff I didn’t even know existed, like patches. I don’t really have a favourite and that’s why you’ve never saw me selling anything that I haven’t made. All that I buy or am given is my treasure.

What EDC item would you love to own and why?

Actually I’d love to get another Morris Knife and the Vitesse Designs Eclipse but my secret dream is to see a pocket fixed blade Coop branded…

A random fact about yourself that readers won’t learn anywhere else

I have about 40 cats, I love nerd RPG games (those played with a pencil around a table) and I’m self taught in Japanese cause I love anime and Japan.

Cats Like People! (Some People, Anyway) - The New York Times

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