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Welcome to the fifth edition of Meet Your Maker. This week it’s the turn of Pavel from Bulgaria.

Your company or trading name

Picaroon Tools

Tell us about where you’re from, what you do, how it all started and why you enjoy it.

I’m born and raised in Varna, Bulgaria. It is city on the coast of the Black Sea with lots of tourism all around. I’ve been always fascinated by the sea and ships and that’s one of the big reasons to create Picaroon. Aside from the EDC I’m a full time web-developer, working for a sub-contractor of the Dutch government and for some other big companies in the Netherlands. Also I’m full time dad of 2 🙂 I’m really enjoying working both my jobs (programming and making edc items) – both are giving me the feeling of making something that lots of people will enjoy using, foreseeing all the tasks that the product will see and predicting failures. I’m also part time designer for Kizer Cutlery and Boker.

What are your aims and are there any items or products you’d love to make?

I’m currently having more than 35 active designs, so actually I’m thinking of thinning the herd, but I’m really close to diverse the types of items I offer in my shop. Also keeping in mind some more complex designs.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in the work you do associated with EDC?

First of all I have the feeling that my brand is my first child. Really close to 5 years now I’m proud I have more than 6k items in 49 countries around the world. I’m really proud that Picaroon means for lots of people friendship(!), quality, budget balanced prices and easy communication. I’m really proud that I’ve turned my hobby in something that gives my children a normal childhood 🙂 Thank you all for the support!

What is the best thing you have made and why?

The best is yet to come (always!) since I strive to think off more designs – that’s why there are less new stuff lately – I want everything new to overcome the previous designs. I think the best one is my Pirate Token – a special token giveaway as a gift to close customers/friends 🙂

What EDC gear is in your pockets right now?

Right now (honest pocket dump): Timex Weekender (all black), Leatherman Micra, KaBar Dozier Folding Hunter, Fat Dead Fish in brass (Picaroon Tools), Mi bluetooth earpods, small black notebook (for ideas and keeping orders in perfect line)

What’s the favourite piece of EDC gear that you own?

There are lots of them! All the gifts I’ve received (thank you Mr. Ben Feather!!!) Also the Patch Money Can’t Buy (proud Cooperator #65), items I have from Carpe Diem EDC (all are small tokens remembering me every day why I get up from bed). And of course Victorinox Camper (the item why I started collecting) and Vox Snailor (the crkt version) – the items why I started making gear)

What EDC item would you love to own and why?

Vox Snailor (any from the maker, just family money are more important now)

A random fact about yourself that readers won’t learn anywhere else

I love watching post-apocalyptic zombie tv series and I’m listening everything between country and black metal 🙂 lately lots of trap (don’t have explanation about that 😀 )

Zero Latency VR | Cooperative virtual reality experience | Zombie Survival  game

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