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Arche: blackened brass

Arche (ar-khay’)

The Arche in our blackened brass. Use this pocket sized multi-tool as a mini-pry, bottle opener or impact device. Drilled lanyard holes allow you to add a customized lanyard and bead or connect to a keychain. Quality-crafted in Tyrone, PA.

• Blackened brass
• Dimensions: 80mm x 36.5mm x 9.5mm
• Weight: 87g
• Made in the USA

Our friends over at Hevel Supply Co were kind enough to send us one of their very new and very cool Arches to have a play with. We were lucky enough to grab a Blackened Brass.

The Arche is an all new design for a multi use piece of everyday carry. Coming in several different materials and finishes (Brass, Blackened Brass and Stonewashed Aluminum).

This multi tool offers a large flat head for prying or scraping and could be used for large flat head screws, also incorporating to the side a cap lifter in an easy to hold form factor that can be used as an impact tool as well. The weight of the brass makes it an ideal paper weight with the blackened brass version coming in at a satisfying 87 grams.

The tactile nature of the brass and design make it comfortable to hold and easy to fondled and fiddle. We liked the thick depth of the stock material used and the finish is as we would expect from a quality precision item. No sharp or rough edges and the finish is just second to none.

A fantastic alternative to other finger hold cap lifters with the added advantage of the large flat edge to the end of the item makes the Arche a unique addition to your everyday carry.

Here at the EDCCOOPERATIVE we are always keen to support and help/showcase talented makers and Hevel Supply Co are certainly doing things right.  

Go check them out on Instagram.  https://instagram.com/hevelsupplyco?igshid=1nkyz74n8pet8

Or via the webpage: 

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