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Welcome back, the 15th Edition of Meet your Maker comes from Heston Gear, a maker of some awesome items.

Your company or trading name

Heston Gear

Tell us about where you’re from, what you do, how it all started and why you enjoy it.

I am an Industrial Designer, born and raised outside of Philadelphia. I am the founder of Heston Gear, which focuses on the creation of EDC gear and soft goods that utilize cutting edge production techniques to create purpose built products that are both socially and environmentally sustainable. I have always had a great passion for both design and the environment ever since I was child. I saw the opportunity to combine these passions into a company while I was studying abroad in China. There I got to see first hand how most of the gear we consume was produced, the poor living and working conditions of the local labor force, and the lack of environmental regulations when it came to producing these products. After this I was determined to find a way to help bring this industry back to the US in order to support our skilled laborers, promote sustainable practices, and revolutionize an industry that has been a leader in waste and pollution. With that said, I saw the opportunity to revolutionize this industry through the adoption of 3D knitting technology which allows us to autonomously engineer seamless components with zero waste involved.

What are your aims and are there any items or products you’d love to make?

My main goal is to create high quality products in a sustainable manor. Everything we do is with the conscious consumer in mind who cares about where and how their products are made, and what the impact of their products has on society and the environment. Along side this, I am pushing to bring new technologies into this sector that will aid in my goals to create a quality and sustainable brand of products….I love backpacks! We are currently working on our flagship product which is a 3D knit backpack that uses nearly 80% less waste than traditional cut & sew backpacks. This will be the first product of its kind to hit the market and we are gearing up for a 2021 release.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in the work you do associated with EDC?

In time I hope for many more achievments, mainly ushering in a sustainable future for EDC gear and other soft goods. As of now I am most proud of us being able to pivot during the covid-19 pandemic crisis when we thought that our business might be over. We were able to do our small part in offering PPE masks to the public while continuing to develop future product. Our masks exceeded my expectations and were welcomed by consumers as a stylish and sustainable alternative to disposable PPE. We utilized 3D knitting to create a 3-layer, reusable, antimicrobial, and comfortable mask that was designed for long term personal protection and helped keep the supply of N95 masks available for health care and frontline workers. We never intended on making masks but I couldn’t be happier that we did.

What is the best thing you have made and why?

We are a very young company trying to accomplish large things, so our product offering is currently small, but I am extremely happy with the masks we are making for the public and beyond excited to launch the first 3D knit backpack. I’d have to say the backpack is my favorite thing we are making because it is so cutting edge and different from everything on the market.

What EDC gear is in your pockets right now?

iPhone, Porter wallet, Olight flashlight, Benchmade knife, Heston mask, mini notebook

What’s the favourite piece of EDC gear that you own?

This is a tough one! I’d have to say my Heston mask is my favorite piece of gear right now because it allows me to safely continue my daily routines while remaining comfortable all day long. Outside of my mask, I love my Benchmade Bugout knife for daily carry. It’s light, low profile, and it’s there when I need it.

What EDC item would you love to own and why?

I could use a new multitool because I lost mine on a fishing trip in the back country of the Colorado River….Im torn between a SOG, Leatherman, or a classic Swiss.

A random fact about yourself that readers won’t learn anywhere else

Im highly addicted to fly fishing and its taking a toll on my relationship lol!

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FB: hestongear

Insta: @hestongear

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