Part 2 – Non alcoholic edition – Lowlander

So No2 of around 16, this time a cheeky fruity one from Lowlander Beer Co from The Netherlands.  The hit of citrus on first taste was in all honesty a bit much, while having read the bottles label and expected a Ziggy beer the lemon and orange Tyson style punch in the face was unprecedentedly strong. For comparison compare it to taking a squirt of the lemon juice in the yellow lemon shaped plastic conical that we all had in the fridge as kids.

Opened this time with the Brnly Cypop titanium Contra, a fantastic cap lifter and….err …. ‘paper weight’

The description on the brewery is as follows:

While working in a gin distillery in the United Kingdom I fell in love with the use of botanicals in distilling and the fascinating world of cocktails.

Having basically grown up in beer in the Netherlands I guess it was only natural that I started wondering what would happen if you would brew rather than distil with these botanicals. I grew curious about what kind of character these herbs, spices and fruits could give to beer.

To my surprise I discovered that the lowlands actually have a very intriguing history where it comes to brewing with botanicals. As Dutch explorers travelled the globe they returned home with cargos brimming with precious herbs and exotic spices, which soon made their way into Dutch beer.


Every beer is an opportunity to tell a story about the wonder of botanicals, and we hope to connect people with the natural world that creates more diverse beers full of both flavour and character. I invite you to follow our journey, proost!’

Frederik Kampman
Chief Botanical Officer


ALC 0.00 % vol.

A true 0.00% with refreshing witbier taste. Inspired to double down on zero this is our attempt to brew a true 0.00% ABV Wit beer. Collaborating with PeelPioneers we collect discarded oranges & lemons from bars and restaurants and  use these botanicals to brew our very first 0.0% beer. 

A few sups in and still the overly ziggying taste remains as strong as the first, now don’t get me wrong it is far from overly unpleasant  but it is very much an acquired taste. This for me is not a multiple bottle drink, just a one off to re-energise or start or end the night off. But the citrus slap on each mouthful became a bit much by the end.

Now half way through I had completely forgot about the whole 0.0% alcohol thing.  It tastes more like a citrus alcopop, like a peppy ziggy fruit adult drink.  However while it’s an impressively brewed non-alcoholic beer I personally found this one to be a bit to punchy.   The label is very nice and I appreciated the comic undertones and whole botanical elements of the design.

With another bottle still on the side it was decided that this would be drunk another day, this would make a very nice compliment to a fresh fish or pesto pasta dish, but I felt on its own it was just a bit to sweet, ziggy, dry and bitter all in one go.  But as again we are also looking at the outcome of a non alcoholic beer against normal beer and for that again I am impressed however this has some reminiscing tones of the good old hooch we drank as teenagers in the 90’s but sadly that was one alchopop I didn’t care for at the time. 

Would I drink this again?…maybe, but it needs to be part of a meal or for a single drink for me and for that it gets a low 3.5 out of 10 on the Cooperator scale.

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We would love hear what you think if you have tried this one, or your thoughts on non alcoholic beers but also if you recommend any. Add comments below and also on our Facebook group page.

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