Part 3 – Non alcoholic edition – Brothers in Law

A very pleasant larger from the start, fresh and hoppy with no lingering after tastes of cardboard. The Brothers in Law brewery make some great beers so I had high hopes for this one.  This is a 0.5% low alcoholic larger so while not officially non alcoholic low enough to be in this category I think.

This was opened with the Knife Guys KIT pry with the green tritium centre. The green of the tritium and the green label held some connection and the cap came off with easy and enjoyment.  I love this prybar and has been used on both beer and ice cream as a great scoop.

As mentioned on, Tim Freriks, Tim Teitink and Felix Schnetz are 3 brothers-in-law with a common passion: brewing beer. The three have built up a lot of experience in the beer world in the past and thought it was the right time to bundle their joint knowledge and start brewing their own beers. They experiment a lot and combine old and new styles and brewing methods to bring surprising beers to the market. At the end of 2018 the 0.5 Hoppy Lager was born, the first non-alcoholic beer of the three.

Fresh and fruity

The 0.5 Hoppy Lager is, as the name suggests, a beer rich in hops and malts. American hops are used in the brewing process with flavors of passion fruit, citrus and grapefruit. Because of that abundance of hops, the beer tastes slightly bitter, but also deliciously fruity, without ever becoming too sweet. That bitterness, in combination with the freshness of the clearly present citrus ensures that the 0.5 Hoppy Lager has become a very fresh beer, that can effortlessly guide you through the warmest summer days.

0.5 Hoppy Lager is very easy to drink, making it a real thirst quencher. The beer is slightly amber and the bright, off-white foam head stays intact for quite a long time. You can drink this beer perfectly on a terrace in the sun, but it is also ideal as an aperitif before a copious meal. The bitterness and freshness of this beer will only improve your appetite.

The first non-alcoholic beer from the ‘Brothers in Law’ is a direct hit. Hopefully the three will experiment fully in the future and surprise us a few more times with a new non-alcoholic beer. Let’s hope that the Hoppy Lager becomes widespread, because everyone should be able to enjoy this beautiful beer.

I would agree with this assessment and think it’s a well balanced crisp larger that any cooperator larger drinker would enjoy.

One criticism I might give this one would be the overly bubbly zip with the beer when opened for the first time. This just struck me as a little odd and more reminiscent to a standard fruity carbonated soft drink. Now worth pointing out and understanding that this has no barring on the taste but we think that the looks, smell, taste all play a factor in the enjoyment of the beer.


  • Type: Lager
  • Bottle: 33 cl.
  • Alcohol: 0,5%
  • Calories: unknown
  • Serving temperature: 3-5 °C
  • Conservation: 1 year
  • Brewery: Brothers in Law

During this review this larger was enjoyed with a nice chicken curry and was soon drunk, so another was quickly opened and as with the first was enjoyed without any thought of ‘is this non alcoholic’ . Hoppy, light and larger tasting this one is likely to be in the top three at this rate for sure. 

This larger will be given 8.75/10 on the Cooperator edccooperative scale.

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