Part 4 – Non alcoholic edition – Wolfscraft

A naturally hoppy beer, but this one has an unusual mix of  malty tones but with a kind of fruity under lined note.  But not in a citrus based fruit way but more in a berry way…but not a berry way if that makes sense (which I know makes no sense).

An enjoyable bottle of beer and very much not the taste of a historical non-alcoholic beer. Opened with the Wilmont Grinders Beer Defender bottle cap opener, a solid very nicely shaped cap lifter and …”paper weight” the Beer defender is a great looking bottle cap opener and big rugged groves for a firm liberation of the cap.

The brewers are a company called Wolfscraft from Germany and for them it all started ( as most good things do) with a few beers (too many it says on their webpage 😊) and the realization that almost all beers now taste the same.

They thought beer should be unadjusted like a wolf. The beer idea became a mission and so classic German beers with a modern twist were created through a lot of time, effort and craftsmanship, alpine spring water and plenty of regional quality ingredients are used in the production of all their beers. The Wolf became an obvious choice as it symbolised the resistance to uniform beers

The bottle and label design was nothing unusual and somewhat disappointing and bland looking at the other bottles within the pack to enjoy. Nothing stood out and would sadly be in the back of the crowd if drank on a night out, but its what it tastes like that makes the biggest difference I guess and in that category it was good.

This was a beer that leaned less to the IPA/light beer style and more towards a bolder more ale style beer which I enjoyed.

 This would be enjoyed in numbers and the best part is it could be enjoyed in numbers but without the sore head in the morning. So with that being all that I will hand this one a very strong 8/10 on the Cooperator scale.

More can be found on their webpage at:

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