Part 5 – Non alcoholic edition – Force Majeure

So beer five and well… had to happen as some point.  That tinny hop after taste from a non alcoholic bottled beer. Having been nicely surprised with the first few this one I was hopeful for but it did come with that kind of distinctive 0% taste i guess we would expect.

This cap was lifted by the slender and sleek Lynch 3.5 APP, this pry is one sexy beast and just feels right.. if you know what I mean..mmmmm Baby

  This is a blonde beer which is known for that hoppy taste and maybe I am being overly zealous but the initial thoughts were one of disappointment.  But remember its not a sprint it’s a marathon and half way through I started to get use to this (not enjoy as such but just become acclimatised if you will) .  Which was an unexpected turn to my palette. A blonde light aromatic beer with strong taste.

One odd point to note was the overly bubbled foam head, more than the (Brothers in law beer). Now I get this isn’t an indication to the taste or quality of a beer but is looked very carbonated and more lemonade than hoppy beer.

The brewer is from Belgium and Force Majeure is Belgium’s first alcohol free craft beer. They want to preserve the traditional full taste of Belgian beer while creating beers you can enjoy any time, anywhere (questions to be answered!!) . In 2019, Triathlete Stijn Panis combined his appetite for specialty beer with his passion for entrepreneurship. The result? Force Majeure. The first real Belgian non-alcoholic beer brand. 100% Belgian, 100% flavour and yet 0% alcohol. Faut le faire.

The strength of Force Majeure as stated on their webpage.

Force Majeure is a brand-new Belgian specialty beer tailored to real epicureans. The creators of Force Majeure opted for 100% flavour with 0% alcohol, while refusing any compromise.

So, from now on, you can feel free to raise a glass more often, and treat yourself and your friends to your favourite flavours. Hoppy, bitter, fruity or blonde beer? Thanks to our five instant classics, you have the perfect beer for every occasion.


I was happier when it was over that when I started so with the strange bubbles and tinny after taste sadly this beer will be given a disappointing 2.75/10 on the Cooperator edccooperative scale.

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