Part 6 – Non alcoholic edition – Budels

The first in the non alcoholic beers that is a darker beer, so much joy and singing was done when I pulled this one out the box. But will it hold up to the expectation I had.

So this was opened with the Hevel Supply Co Arch pry, this big beauty in copper is weighty and solid and the maker Zach is a top guy and really spends time to get this right.

Pouring this Budels 0.0% Malty Dark beer was really a joy as seeing the darker liquid start to fill the glass I really was happy with the look of this.  However similar to the Force Majeure the foam was somewhat carbonated rather than a smooth head of froth but wasn’t as obvious or as bubbly as before but still a minor point to raise.

The mix of organic barley malts defiantly gives a stronger more substantial experience with depth in flavour.  This beer was definitely right up my street and I enjoyed the darker flavours, in terms of if you can taste the difference in this one being a 0% alcohol beer I don’t think I would have been able to really tell if I didn’t already know.

The Budelse Brouwerij (Budels Brewery) is a family business that still values the traditions that have guided the brewery for centuries now. It’s been at the very heart of the village of Budel in Brabant since 1870. Founded over 150 years ago by Gerardus Arts as Brouwerij de Hoop (the Hope Brewery). Today, the fourth generation of the Arts family is at the helm and we are just as committed to the brewing as our ancestors.

This beer was enjoyed with the with tortilla chips and a caramelised onion humus dip and had a great time with this tasty darker ruby beer, crisps and dips. I don’t want to be bias now with this as it’s the darker ale style beer but this one was by far the best for me so far. The non alcoholic side of this one didn’t come into play at all and if not for the look of the carbonated bubbles with would have been a 10. This beer will one I purchase again for sure and think at trip to the shops is due to grab more….back in a minute..

Right back form the shops with more. Lets wrap this one up, while a 10 was close a fair assessment needs to be had.

This larger will be given 9/10 on the Cooperator edccooperative scale.

We would love hear what you think if you have tried this one, or your thoughts on non alcoholic beers but also if you recommend any. Add comments below and also on our Facebook group page.

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