Part 9 – Non alcoholic edition – Kehrwieder – üNN

Back to the IPA…yay (he said sarcastically).


I never read the label or researched this as dived straight in and just drank it without knowing what it was and OK OK OK yes it was refreshing and enjoyable even being it is an IPA.  This was light and tasty beer. I can see this one going great with meal or snacks on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

üNN IPA alcohol free draft beer is a barley yeasty hoppy brewed in Hamburg by the Kehrwieder

The brewers webpage says about them ‘Every Hamburg citizen knows the legend of sea travelers who were greeted by their families with the greeting Kehrwieder. We too went out into the world, made stops in the Caribbean, in South and finally in North America and finally returned to our home port to help bring the variety of beer back to Hamburg. Kehrwieder belongs to the first generation of creative breweries in Germany and is a founding member of the German Creative Brewers Association. In 2011 we signed the founding declaration, in the following year we moved back to Hamburg with sacks and bags and six months later the first beer was brewed. At first, Kehrwieder started without its own brewery due to the lack of a location, and we rented a room from a brewery friend of ours. Since October 2014, the Kehrwieder creative brewery has also had a permanent location with a self-designed brewhouse in Hamburg Süd.’

The cool label design is by Alex Diamond aka Jörg Heikhaus is a Hamburg artist & gallery owner with an international reputation. He stands for his unique style with attention to detail, with precision, heart and soul and passion.

This beer was opened with the Death Wish Coffee Co, if you need seriously strong great coffee this is a winner. The bottle opener while not a pry is in my collection and looks great so being used as looks cool and opens bottles with ease.

This IPA is 0.4% alcohol so all the fun of the fair without the hangover afterwards.

This larger will be given a nice 7/10 on the ‘Cooperator’ edccooperative beer scale.

We would love hear what you think if you have tried this one, or your thoughts on non alcoholic beers but also if you recommend any. Add comments below and also on our Facebook group page.

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