Part 10 – Non alcoholic edition Paulander München Weissbier 0.0%

No10 and still not drunk ha ha.  With such a long and interesting history the Paulander München Brewery should know how to produce good beer.  This was however at best just OK.  The first few gulps struck me of the old Caliber and an overly hoppy almost fake hoppy flavour. Sticking with it was a good move as this became an acceptable beer with those notable wheat and hoppy tones of German beer. 

This wasn’t an outstanding beer and being honest not one I would pick out first if I had the choice, defiantly not the worst 0% beer I have had so far but far from the best. Very drinkable but this one did have those definable tasting notes of the older style non alcoholic beers.

This beer was opened with the Atwood ‘Metwrench’ an historically old brewery it felt only fitting to use the godfather of prys Peter Atwood’s Metwrench prybar. Opened with ease and in style.     

The Paulander brewery dates back to the early 1600’s and was brewed by the Monks, it was strong simple ale, the ale was brewed by the monastery until around 1806 when it was taken over  by business men to expand and start making money. They the late 1800’s with the advancing of technology they were producing all year round and serving beer at festivals and events out producing all other breweries. 

During the war a lot of their factories were destroyed by the air raids but they kept going and rebuilt and still producing to this day. As with most German and Belgium brewers they started producing 0% alcohol beer a few years ago.

This beer is decribed by Paulander  ‘Thanks to its balanced combination of fine malt aromas, refreshingly fruity Weissbier flavours and a pleasing hint of sweetness, our non-alcoholic Weissbier 0,0% can be enjoyed on any occasion. This isotonic thirst-quencher is brewed using the traditional Paulaner Weissbier technique and the alcohol is carefully removed after a thorough maturing process. A complex procedure removes all the alcohol from the beer, without losing any of its refreshing flavour! All these efforts pay off, as you can taste with every drop!’   I didn’t notice any fruity flavours I must admit but their was a sweetness in the hoppy malt taste.  But has all their efforts paid off…..not fully convinced.

SO all in all an OK beer but not one I would get excited to drink again but I would drink again if my options were slim.

This beer will be given 4/10 on the Cooperator edccooperative beer scale.

We would love hear what you think if you have tried this one, or your thoughts on non alcoholic beers but also if you recommend any. Add comments below and also on our Facebook group page.  More can be found at:

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  1. Really been enjoying these Ben. Appreciate the heads up and will be sourcing some of them as this is kinda my staple. Thanks again!

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