Part 13 – Non Alcoholic edition – Desperado 0.0

So we go for a non alcoholic beer with a difference, the desperados beer is the tequila flavoured beer but this one states to have all the same tasting notes but no alcohol. So the big question is does it do it?  The simple answer is yes, but no, but yes. 

So let me clear that up, if yes means that the beer tastes good and is refreshing and crisp then truly yes, but the no for me was it tastes different some how to the original desperados bottled beer.  And yes I added another yes I know, that for me is the yes that states its nice and actually I prefer this to the standard beer at first taste.

The aroma of lemon is like a real lemon is just sat at the top of the neck, squeezed in and oozing those citrus sharp tones and taste.  This was impressive I felt and the brewers (which is actually Heineken) have really done a great job on this part.

The beer itself is flavoured with tequila rather than having the standard Mexican tequila added, this is maybe where they have done right as the taste is very much at back note, a back of the bus type tastes that you don’t really notice and that’s not a bad thing.  No after taste and a sunshine vibe to this one, a pleasant beer that isn’t heavy and went down well. 

I will say that this was one I wasn’t particularly looking forward to but have been very pleasantly impressed and hats off to the beer.

Opened with the Griffin Pocket tool (2019 coop edition) a great mutli tool pry bar from a great guy.

The brewer had an idea that was born 25 years ago from a risky and daring trial of mixing beer with tequila. It was created in Alsace, France, by Michel Debus, one of the most famous French brewers of the 20th century, then owner of the Fischer-Adelshoffen Brewery, which has been part of the HEINEKEN Group since 2006. Sold throughout the world and they have as along with most now produced a non alcoholic beer.

A refreshing and fruity beer that was surprising to say the least. So this bottle will be given 7.50/10 on the Cooperator edccooperative scale. Which is a shock as I hadn’t expected to enjoy this one…more fool me.

We would love hear what you think if you have tried this one, or your thoughts on non alcoholic beers but also if you recommend any. Add comments below and also on our Facebook group page.  More can be found at:

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