Part 14 – Non alcoholic edition – Affigem Blond 0.0

So, a light golden ale with none of the alcohol and all of the rich Belgian taste and with a signature soft fruitiness, backed by subtle bitterness which all sounds great……mmmmmm

This one I found had an almost cider kick to it which was both unexpected and not met with the upmost joy, this very much is a fruity blonde beer and was in a way a pleasant refreshing drink not an entirely enjoyable one.

A little to lively for my taste and too sugary for my preferences. I am sure that some would enjoy this 0.0 blond Affligem beer but wasn’t one I would be jumping any queues for.

Opened with the Griffin XP coop edition, a large meaty pry that will not play fair in the classroom to do what it needs to do.  A big solid pry bar.

The beer comes from Belgian brewery Affligem. One of the oldest breweries in Belgium, Affligem’s history dates back to 1074 when the brewery was founded by six Benedictine monks. Affligem Blond is an alcohol-free version of Affligem’s classic Belgian blond ale, designed for refreshment without the effects of alcohol.

Affligem abbey was founded by 6 knights, former brothers in arms, turned monks in the village of Affligem in 1074. The monks lived by the rules of St Benedict, which stress the importance of community. Water at the time wasn’t the best, so they thoughtfully, and very politely, started to brew beer for their guests (which was a safer alternative). Never say Belgians don’t prize hospitality!

With almost 1000 years of Brewing Expertise they proudly claim that they are one of the oldest Belgian beers.

Beer still plays a big role in the lives of the Affligem monks. It’s a part of their daily routine, and binding social glue – every day the monks connect with each other, while each savours a single beer. They continue to welcome a diverse range of guests with Affligem beer, just like in the original abbey. They also serve an important function as quality keepers of the beer, making sure Affligem’s signature quality is maintained across all of our beers, just like in the abbey 1000 years ago.

Aromas of apple, pear and apricot are noted from the light blond coloured beer. The flavour is fairly sweet and stand by it being far too sweet, it has an odd balance of bitterness and sweetness not overly typical of a Belgian ale.

With my odd feelings on this one I find myself giving this larger a very generous 4.75/10 on the Cooperator edccooperative scale.

We would love hear what you think if you have tried this one, or your thoughts on non-alcoholic beers but also if you recommend any. Add comments below and also on our Facebook group page.  More can be found at:

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