Part 15 – Non Alcoholic edition – Brewdog Punk AF

This is one that I purposefully left till the latter beers as being a well known brand I was expecting an OK beer with usual tones associated to the Brewdog range. 

This is not what I got, it was not great at all,  even before tasting there was a distinct smell of a generic IPA but not a good one. The taste matched the smell and this was all very disappointing.  Fake hop tasting notes and a what I think is best described as a artificial beer taste.  This o.5% beer promoted as having NO alcohol is a question that has stuck in my head all along and one I still don’t know the answer to.

I wasn’t going to enjoy keeping drinking this but wanted to keep going to try and define the taste and find a way to best describe it, but with each taste it just remained the same and was always an reproduction sort of flavour. So this review is short and sweet matching my time given to trying this one.

More can be found at but in short Brewdog was founded in 2007 by two friends who just wanted to shake things up, to change the standard brewers mentality and the rest is history.

The beer comes in cans so no cap to lift on this one but with a ring pull it could only be the flat Anso 12 pry bar.

I find myself giving this larger a generous 2/10 on the Cooperator edccooperative scale, sadly not much to enjoy on this one

We would love hear what you think if you have tried this one, or your thoughts on non-alcoholic beers but also if you recommend any. Add comments below and also on our Facebook group page.  More can be found at:

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