After having a fun chat with the German company ‘Messerdepot’ they were amazing and sent some bits for us to look over. Always grateful to help the community and always happy to offer our thoughts they sent some very cool items.

In Europe it seems harder than in the USA to easily find great EDC stores and shops that have the customers best interests at heart. Since having the conversations with them we are more than happy to say they were very friendly and supportive in the discussions and showed a clear honesty and care to what they do. We applauded this and think it’s worth some praise.

They ship worldwide and work with some very cool makers. Independent makers who are making their way in the EDC and knife world and also some respected longer term makers.

As their webpage states you will mainly find everything about knives in their knife shop. Whether outdoor knife or chef’s knife. However, the focus here is on EDC knives such as pocket knives or so-called Classic Knives with many fixed knives for outdoor and bush craft as well. They also offer suitable accessories such as beads or knife cases and ohh! so much much more.

Multiple styles and finishes available

Messerdepot have produced their own challenge coin and here at the Edccooperative we are a fan of these and love the ability to show a little bit of support for someone within your carry. The deeper more historical context of the challenge coin can be respected while still having a coin not associated with military use, We have produced 3 of our own and enjoy seeing them in the wide world shown with pride. Messerdeopt’s is an eye catching coin and the colours work very well.

MDK coin in copper finish

Messerdepot now have their first big MDK coin. With increasing popularity, these coins can be seen on various photos on Instagram or Facebook.

The coin has a diameter of 36mm and is approx.2.45mm thick. Material is a zinc alloy and come with a multiple finishes with a gold, copper or antique bronze finish all available.

Masserdepot were kind enough to offer a very cool little knife to review. They were considerate to the UKs laws and we thank them for the extra care they gave to us. The knife is the mini Barlow non-locking slipjoint and is made by J.E. Made. J.E. Made is a small company from China, but not your standard company from that neck of the woods. They produce very high quality knives (mainly pocket knives) made with a nice mix of classic and modern methods and this shows in the styles that are produced. The materials used and the processing of the knives are to a very high standard and clearly show care and consideration in the aesthetics and ergonomics. The mini barlow is a small knife and very pocket friendly, the action is very firm (this was VERY firm out the box) at this stage however with some minor use or adjustment it will just right. Disclaimer upon the first few opening and closing I did catch myself and boy this little thing is sharp. The s35v blade steel is very well finished with no visible blemishes and a wonderful homogenous finish. The blade is non-locking and UK friendly being under 3 inches (75mm), the blade has a halfway indent stop meaning it has a defined opening. It feels….well if you catch my drift “right”, its comfy and well balanced but this may sounds strange but also looks balanced, its clean designs and smooth finish gives a great balanced look to the small and unassuming knife. The nice array of products that J.E. Made make is impressive. Like any everyday carry product what suits one person may not suit another and we at the edccooperative are a big advocate for using what suits the user and not what you think others think you should carry. So with the good array of designs and high quality production these knives are special and while many may not be a ‘daily user’ all would find solid use and pocket time in anyone’s carry.

Official Description

J.E. Made Knives Barlow Mini Titan with S35VN stonewashed – knife key ring

The Mini Barlow by JE Made Knives is the ideal EDC knife that can be carried and used on a key ring. Although it is so small, it doesn’t have to hide from the “big knives”. The same high processing quality as one is used to at JE Made Knives. Even this little keychain knife has a half-stop … and yes … it’s sharp … very sharp.
The blade has been given a beautiful stonewashed finish.

Of these knives, J.E. Made only small quantities. As usual with the Chinese company, these knives are no longer available in a second production series. Either you have a JE by then or you don’t. Due to the fact that JE always only produces minimal quantities, its knives are also in great demand with collectors and even in the used market the prices sometimes exceed the sales price at the time.

Total length open 126mm
Length closed: 70mm
Blade length 55mm
Steel CPM S35VN
Stonewash finish
Handle material titanium
Half stop
including hardware set and nylon case

As per Messerdepot a little bit more about J.E.Made as follows:

J.E Made Knives since 2019 exclusive in our knife shop
I’m glad that since the beginning of 2019 I have been using J.E. Made or Jemade Knives written, in our shop online and exclusively in Europe can offer. J.E. Made is a small company from China that produces very high quality knives (mainly pocket knives). The materials used and the processing of the knives are first-class. Once a Jemade knife in hand a knife collector reluctant to release such a knife again.

Who is J.E Made Knives?
Entrepreneur is Mr. JiYi Chen who designs and produces these knives. JiYi Chen was born in 1980 in a small village in NanJing. In his free time as a little boy he often went fishing and hunting, otherwise no other recreational opportunities are offered in such a small village.

After completing his college degree (computer programming, 2001), he worked for 9 years as a telecommunications designer and planner in a provincial telecommunications institute. During this time, he bought and sold high-quality US knives.

Around the year 2008 he started with some knife designs. Convinced that he would be successful with his own knife brand and high standards of quality, in 2010 he ended his job as a telecommunications planner. He had his first blades heat treated in 2010 by Jerry Hossom. During this time, he learned a lot about Jerry’s heat treatment. This experience has helped him to have his heat treatment done in NanJing ever since. The hammer on the blades means that the heat treatment was done by JiYI.

His knives are largely handmade to meet his high standards of workmanship. With his partner (more than 20 years of experience in the field of knife production) he has his pocket knives manufactured in a small factory of currently 8 people.

Messerdepot also included a cool hank. This is a nice and thin design using a soft practical material. The stitching is straight and uniform which as we all know is the sign of a well made hank.

One of Messerdeopts partners Arno Bernard Knives is a unique family business. The 4 brothers produce high quality knives and their mother produces the Hanks that go with them. Hanks have become a staple n our carry for lots reasons. Hanks are becoming more and more popular in the knife community because they are produced in different motifs and are very well presented as small details on a photo (which as we all know is very important). In times of social media, these are often photographed with EDC equipment to give a photo an extra edge, lets not hide behind that we all do it…….yes even you. But Hanks are a very important part of our carry and can be used to clean a knife quickly, wipe your hands, your head, clean glasses, wipe at table and so much more.

Frank Hanx Properties:
Hank size 25x25cm
Made in South Africa

I would also like to thank Sven at Messerdeopt for including some sweets (the mini Haribo didn’t even find time for a photo as were taken by my daughter. Always a fan of a little extra bit of fun stuff.

So go check them out and show them some much deserved love.

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Stow Wallet Review

Slip Wallet

So wallets wallets wallets. An EDC staple item that has many forms and is subject to lots of differing opinions. With the influx of minimalist wallets over the past few years there are many options to chose from. After chatting on social media with the company Stow we wanted to do a review of the STOW Slip wallet. For a slim based wallet, it has some interesting design features that make it slightly different to the rest.

So starting at the beginning is best when talking about the STOW company, One element that really stands out is the resiliency of the company after overcoming such tragedy while they were finalizing their prototypes, they were caught in the California Carr wildfire in mid-2018 that burnt down their home and manufacturing facility, which was located next to the family home, along with many other buildings around them including residences.

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The Ledge, a UK legal slipjoint from StatGear…

Going back a few weeks, we were chatting with Phil, the owner of StatGear and he kindly offered to send us a product to have a look at and give him some honest feedback on… that arrived and in with the package was a totally unexpected item… a knife. We like knives here, so our interest level was raised that little more than it was already…

The Ledge from StatGear, with cool and vibrant red accents to it… but wait… it has our logo on the baled too..!!!

Originally the ledge was a kickstarter campaign… i know i bang on about them a lot but they are a great way to get a product you like made, your helping someone cremate reality from their dreams… anyway, the ledge is clearly and unfortunately one that I missed at the time of the campaign running.

The ledge, is designed with a slip-joint, UK friendly, non locking mechanism which of course been around for many years but aren’t seen all that often anymore, the LEDGE does seem to have an up to date modern take on what is a time-tested, classic design. The slip-joint mechanism & controlled back-spring movement allows for a tactile, classy and buttery smooth deployment and closure. The extended blade groove and extra blade width allows for much easier deployment of the blade than traditional slip-joint knives that have a small nail nick for opening

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OrbitKey x Chipolo tracker…

Are you one of these people that loses their keys regularly..?

I know that getting changed at work and using different bags whilst at work and then travelling to and from work can get confusing as to where i last had an item… usually the keys I don’t carry whilst at work or my wallet.

Anyway, if you use or misplace your keys occasionally, a tracker of sorts may be what you need.

The ‘Orbitkey X Chipolo’ Tracker is about the size of a USBdrive and fits perfectly into your Orbitkey or many other key organisers for that matter.

The tracker needs to be paired with the ‘Chipolo’ app that is free to download to your mobile device. In the box, along with the tracker is also a little tag… it is similar to a hair bobble with a leather tab on it that can be used to attach the tracker to a bag or something, so it can be used on other things than just your keys.

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Orbitkey, a key organiser for everyday carry…

I’ve been aware of Orbitkey for some time but have never really taken much notice in them specifically, not for any reason, just.. well just because I haven’t. I then saw a kickstarter campaign pop up from orbitkey pop up, this got me thinking and looking into them a bit more. I ended up in private conversation with a very nice lady from Orbitkey who gave me lots of information with regards to the new campaign that they were undertaking. We discussed the EDCCooperative, what we did etc and she then offered to send us an Orbitkey to use and have a look at. Again, we were overwhelmed that someone would actually give us this opportunity, we of course jumped at the chance.

So, i hear you asking, what is an OrbitKey Key Organize..?

Well, it is a key organiser, if you want to be able to access your keys that are stacked similar to a multi tool, like a Swiss Army knife of Leatherman for example, whilst they are all wrapped up in some quality materials, such as leather.

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The Fenix ARE-X1 smart battery charger…

Fenix are well known for their flashlights as well as batteries and their chargers.
The ARE-X1 is quite a simple charger and power bank all rolled into one.

It is however, only suitable for 26650/18650, this is not a problem for me as a few of my lights are 18650 anyway. I am led to believe that many vape or e-cig systems use 18650 batteries so this kit is a bonus if you are a vaper.

The charger unit has a micro usb socket at one end that is the input point used for charging the battery. On the other end of the charger is a USB A output port for charging your item.

On the body of the charger is an led, there is only the one interface, if you can call it that. It will light up red as it is charging the battery and once the battery is fully charged, this will turn green. If you are using the battery to charge your item, it will flash red.

The output of the charger is marked as 4.2 volts but is actually reportedly to be around 5v.

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WHOOSH! Device hygiene and cleaning spray… stick with us…

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a brand new pone that the screen doesn’t always show fingerprints on it straight away? It is almost like it has been treated with some sort of coating before having that massive sticker slapped on it… the one that has no air bubbles in it… how do they do that… I digress. Then, after a day or so of general use, you start to notice the grease from your face and hands appearing on the screen, don’t lie, no matter how much you wash your hands and face, it is inevitable. No matter how you might clean your screen, the dirt and grease film just seems to just smoosh and smudge all over it, it is hard to get off. Let’s also just keep in mind that the surface of a mobile phone is reported to be up to 10X dirtier than a public toilet seat. I end up spending a while cleaning the screen to get it ready for those ever important EDC pocket dumps shots, then when the iPad Pro features, with its mahoosive screen, it takes an age… if only there was a way to make this cleaning process so easy… if only there was a way that I could carry something as part of my EDC that will help me achieve a clean screen… If only…

WHOOSH! Double pack in retail packaging…
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The Victoniox Jetsetter @ work Alox…

The Jetsetter@work Alox is certainly a testament to Victorinox’s supremacy when it comes to true utilitarian pocket knives. If you’re a fan of Victorinox then you will appreciate the quality of the tools they make, if you are not, it wont take much to change your mind.

This, and I use the term very loosely, pocket knife marries Victorinox’s 134-year technical proficiency in folding multi-tool pocket knife-making and 21st century innovation.
You could be forgiven in thinking that Victorinox is deeply rooted in its tradition and that it can no longer innovate to meet the demands of the 21st century and the younger generations.

Minichamp, jetsetter, modded pioneer…
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The Cablekit from Lever Gear…

I first came across Lever Gear on the popular crowd funding site, kickstarter. Now I know those of you that know me are probably very aware that i love a good kickstarter project, having backed somewhere in the region of 150. I like the platform and like the fact that it is usually helping out smaller innovative companies or individuals bringing their ideas to life.

Now, Mike from Lever Gear is no stranger to designing things but he always had the mind set that he would like to develop his own ideas for functional products that were designed by himself and his own company, Lever Gear was born, launching their first product on Kickstarter in 2016, the ‘Toolcard Pro’. The Toolcard pro is a simple product that is packed full of features that actually are really handy to have in your pocket, what is remarkable about this is the fact that it is such good quality and so well built, you may look at it, see a photo and think that it looks familiar, you may be forgiven…. but I one hindered percent will say that those Chinese knock off type tool card things do not compare to the Toolcard pro in any way shape or form.

But, we’re not here to discuss that…

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Hawkrigger Para bellum watch strap…

We came across hawkrigger some time ago and liked what we saw. It was relatively early on in our foray into ‘the social media’…

I reached out to Hawkrigger what seems like a long long time ago to see if they would be interested in providing us with a discount code that we could pass onto our members. It ended up that I was sat in my hammock in some woods, making a brew whilst on the phone to Stuart for a good forty five minutes to an hour, discussing his business, our ethos with the coop, general shooting the breeze and what not. All in all, it was great to speak to someone who clearly had a passion for what they do and that they wished to share that with me. 

The Hawkrigger name is drawn from US Marine Corps parachute Riggers who are credited with the evolution of the Riggers Belt. Riggers in the military are famous for scavenging parts from standard issue kit to innovate new gear designs. They say that necessity is the mother of all invention, and Hawkrigger  is a firm believer that inspiration plus creativity and persistence leads to innovation.