LynchNW AAP v3.5

In the EDC world, Casey’s work has been widely regarded as some of the most popular and most wanted or the past few years.   With his production increasing with the ever growing legion of fans old and new more lucky people have been able to say they own what is classed as one of the… Continue reading LynchNW AAP v3.5


After having a fun chat with the German company ‘Messerdepot’ they were amazing and sent some bits for us to look over. Always grateful to help the community and always happy to offer our thoughts they sent some very cool items. In Europe it seems harder than in the USA to easily find great EDC… Continue reading Messerdepot

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Stow Wallet Review

Slip Wallet So wallets wallets wallets. An EDC staple item that has many forms and is subject to lots of differing opinions. With the influx of minimalist wallets over the past few years there are many options to chose from. After chatting on social media with the company Stow we wanted to do a review… Continue reading Stow Wallet Review

Hawkrigger Gear

I first discovered Hawkrigger Gear via Instagram where, after chatting with Stu Graham, the owner, I purchased an Urban EDC belt. This was during July 2018. I was so impressed with this that I subsequently bought a Talon EDC belt and one of the Para Bellum belts. I’ve worn one of these belts on a… Continue reading Hawkrigger Gear

Ardor and Forge Rothrock

We came across an interesting company on instagram called ardor and forge, we followed them and gave them some love and before we knew it, we were chatting with the owner and were given the opportunity to give one of their items a bit of a road test for a short while. The owner of… Continue reading Ardor and Forge Rothrock

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J Woytaz – JW Knives  G5 Bandicoot – skeleton – bronze/blue Material: 6al4v Titanium Weight: 24g Tools: ·       Pry Bar ·       Bottle cap opener ·       Flathead screwdriver ·       1/4″ and 7/16” hex cutouts ·       Flat scrapper  The bandicoot is a small and well-designed pocket tool, having great form factor, this little everyday carry item is useful in a number of situations… Continue reading Bandicoot…

Leatherman Tread

A full review of the Tread wrist multi tool by Leatherman. Day 1 So the Tread has arrived. First impressions: DLC coating and general finish is excellent (very impressed TBH) the size of this thing out the box is huge. So after some reductions it slipped on well. It is a weighty thing but that’s… Continue reading Leatherman Tread

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